Help advance our cause: Volunteer with us

Bite Me Cancer’s success is directly attributed to our volunteers especially because we are an all-volunteer organization. We are grateful for the time and talents they offer to help our organization achieve its goals. We are dedicated to ensuring we maintain our “bite me cancer” attitude while providing a fun environment where our talented and dedicated volunteers can make an impact and advance our mission.

We have volunteer opportunities across a variety of committees. Some meet each month, and some communicate more via email. The focus areas include:


Help us tell our story! This team raises awareness of our events and initiatives which also includes all the good work being done through our Teen Support Bag Program and our Thyroid Cancer Research Grants. Specific activities within this committee include website updates, social media plans and posts, press releases and articles, graphic designs for brochures/posters/flyers, distribution of news to the public and support materials for events. Sometimes volunteers may attend 3rd party events or cancer-related conferences to promote Bite Me Cancer.


This committee plans and runs events as well as a focus on our annual sponsorship program, grants and 3rd party events. The team also tries to seek out new funding sources. Specific skills and activities include operations/logistics for event planning and onsite during events, reaching out for new sponsors, partnering with 3rd party opportunities, and helping to develop new sources for funds.

Teen Support

This team oversees the activities related to supporting teenagers battling cancer. The Teen Support Bag program is the largest part of the committee’s work which includes assembling the Teen Support Bags, coordinating volunteer groups needed for the bag stuffing events, managing the inventory of the bag items, reaching out to hospitals to maintain relationships and finding new hospital partners.

This team also provides dinner to the INOVA Children’s Pediatric/Oncology Unit once a month, which includes ordering the food and setting up the 2-4 volunteers to deliver each month. Sometimes, this group also will attend 3rd party events that are focused on teens/pediatric cancer topics/activities.

Wine Dinner Committee

This committee is approximately a 6-month commitment that focuses on our annual April dinner fundraiser that happens every April. There is a variety of roles and activities available for volunteers to help, including: logistics for setting up what’s needed with the venue, registration database/ticket work, coordination of silent auction, marketing/graphics, social media/PR ideas, budgeting, etc. During the 6-month period, a conference call once a month is set up with the team. Participation is also available for our meal tasting, cake tasting and wine tasting events.

Finance and Operations

This committee ensures Bite Me Cancer is running in a fiduciary, legal and operationally-sound manner. The annual budget and monthly updates are this team’s responsibility. Also, anything related to legal topics, banking/investments, our office management/communications, copyright issues, bylaws and some strategic subjects are dealt with through this committee.

Board of Directors

Our board of directors are a very dedicated and passionate group of individuals who make a 1-year commitment that can be renewed each year by the Ferraro family and the person. There is a meeting once a month that also offers a conference call option; however, we do prefer most individuals attending in person if possible. Currently, board meetings are held in Reston at our law firm’s office in the Reston Town Center.

The board of directors is responsible for the strategic and financial direction of the foundation. Each board member also participates on a committee. We are open to new board members and can even “train” someone who has not been on a board before. What is important is that each board member makes a commitment to help Bite Me Cancer especially because we are an all-volunteer organization.

To learn more about our varied volunteer opportunities, contact us at customerservice@bitemecancer.org or (703) 709-2539.