Test your awareness of Childhood Cancer

By Leslie Ferry on September 14, 2016

In support of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, Bite Me Cancer is dedicated to helping to educate parents on the facts about childhood cancer. Everyone is generally aware that Childhood Cancer exists, but what is interesting, and concerning, is how expansive it is and how little funding is available for research and treatment development. Take a […]

Adult Coloring Books Now Included in Teen Support Bags

By Nikki Ferraro on September 8, 2016

I came up with our Teen Support Bag Program after my own cancer diagnosis at 17 years old. During that time, I wasn’t seeing much support for teenagers dealing with cancer. I received a few bags with items that were targeted towards little kids, and I felt those items were almost wasted on me. As […]

Brand New

Bite Me Cancer’s new visual story

By Bite Me Cancer on March 30, 2016

Since launching in 2010, Bite Me Cancer has grown from being a group of family and friends into a network of supporters and partners. We’ve become a player nationally on the teen cancer support stage. We have garnered more volunteers, distributed more bags to more hospitals, gained new sponsors and opened a dedicated office. We’ve transformed.