We are very grateful for the financial support we have received to fund research grants focused on thyroid cancer. During 2014, we have a goal of $60,000 to fund our second research grant. We will be officially choosing the recipient of this second grant during the first half of 2014.

Our first funding goal of $57,500 for thyroid cancer research was achieved in 2013. The grant will be chosen in partnership with the American Thyroid Association in the spring of 2014. Bite Me Cancer will then be able to monitor the research progress over the 2-year grant period.

As thyroid cancer is continuing to increase, there is more research needed.

Clinical Trials for Thyroid Cancer

For information about current clinical research trials for thyroid cancer and other diseases, go to the following U.S. Government website: This is the website for the U.S. Government's Clinical Trials Database. This database provides information about clinical research trials for thyroid cancer and other diseases. This list describes clinical trials that are recruiting new participants.

Searching for Clinical Trials Through NCI Cancer Centers' Web Sites

In addition to the web sites listed above, the Web sites maintained by NCI-designated Cancer Centers are supplementary resources for locating clinical trials. Here is the web site with further information and links to the NCI-designated Cancer Centers:

Thyroid Clinical Trials Site is the American Thyroid Association's (ATA) compendium of clinical trials for thyroid diseases, including thyroid cancer. The ATA Trial finder is a one-stop site to search multiple information sources, including public and private information sources and trials screened by experts from the American Thyroid Association.

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