About Bite Me Cancer

Bite Me Cancer was formed as a nonprofit foundation in September, 2010, by Nikki Ferraro, who was 17-years old at the time. Nikki was diagnosed with a rare form of thyroid cancer in April 2010 when she was a junior at Chantilly HS in Virginia. Nikki was determined to lead a Relay for Life team just two weeks after her diagnosis. She named the team Bite Me Cancer and experienced immediate success. When Nikki decided to create a foundation a few months later, she wanted to continue the legacy of her team name and thus her foundation became the Bite Me Cancer Foundation.

The Relay for Life Experience

Within three days of setting up her Relay team online, Nikki raised $5,000! This was exciting news as she was preparing for surgery just a few days later. Thirty friends joined her team and she was humbled by the help and enthusiasm so many brought to the relay effort. Her godmother ordered bracelets to hand out (with the team name on them and with thyroid cancer colors), and Nikki designed two t-shirts that were sold to raise money.

Despite the hesitancy of her parents, who were not in favor of Nikki leading a team and participating in the actual Relay event so soon after having surgery to treat the cancer, Nikki's team finished in first place when The American Cancer Society closed the books. Nikki also finished in 1st place as the individual fundraiser at the event and the #1 online individual fundraiser for the 8-state South Atlantic Region of American Cancer Society. "The Relay for Life experience was amazing!" said Nikki.

Creating the Foundation

Following the Relay in the summer of 2010, Nikki told her parents that she wanted to keep the Bite Me Cancer name alive to continue her focus of raising money for cancer research and to help others with cancer. Her parents weren't in favor of the time and financial commitment a new foundation would take, and they were actually still focused on their daughter's cancer diagnosis and treatment. But Nikki was persistent, and the foundation was created. Nikki was involved in the legal processes and plans to create the foundation and also helped to design the logo and layout of the website, as well as created the foundation's mission and goals.

Nikki and her parents are grateful for all the pro bono consultants (legal, financial, web design), volunteers, board members and advisory council members who have been involved throughout process of establishing and launching the foundation.

Bite Me Cancer's Purpose

Nikki believes that it is very important to support teens with cancer because she didn't find much support when she was diagnosed and in treatment. The pediatric and adult programs didn't address her needs, and she knew that other teens would have the same experience. Nikki also wanted her foundation to raise awareness and research funds for thyroid cancer as it is the fastest growing cancer in the United States.

The Bite Me Cancer board members as of 1/1/2015 are:

  • Nikki Ferraro: James Madison University student (Founder and Member of Events/Fundraising and Communications Committees)
  • C. Michael Ferraro: Training Solutions, Inc. (Chairman of Board Member of Events/Fundraising and Finance Committees)
  • Meryl Bisaga: Brambleton Group, LCC (Vice-Chairman, Co-Chair of Events/Fundraising Committee)
  • Sharon Ferraro: Training Solutions, Inc. (Secretary and Co-Chair of Communications Committee)
  • Adam Castleman: Pipaya Partners (Treasurer and Co-Chair of Finance/Operations Committee)
  • Mike Condro: Deliotte (Member of Finance/Operations Committee)
  • Bill Craig: WiSC Enterprises (Member of Events/Fundraising Committee)
  • Colin Callahan: Colin Callahan & Associates, LLC (Co-Chair of Teen Support Committee)
  • Stephanie Eberhart: TalentRemedy (Co-Chiar of Events and Fundraising Committee)
  • Traci Kendall: George Mason University (Member of the Events/Fundraising Committee)
  • Matt McQueen: Northrop Grumman (Co-Chair, Communications Committee)
  • Chris Reiley: Virginia Heritage Bank (Co-Chair of Finance/Operations Committee)
  • Mark Searle: HP (Co-Chair of Teen Support Committee)

The advisory council members as of 1/1/2015 are:

  • Emilie Ball, Teen Cancer Survivor/College Student: (Student Advisory Council)
  • Sara Barokas: Thyroid cancer survivor
  • Ken Bartee
  • Keegan Berber, Teen Thyroid Cancer Survivor: (Student Advisory Council)
  • Jillian Beuschel, Nothrop Grumman (Communications Committee)
  • Jeanine Callahan: Eagle Ray, Inc.
  • Gina Cocomello
  • Brett Coffee: CSCI
  • Jenny Couch: Providge Consulting (Communications Committee)
  • Maureen Crain:(Teen Support Committee)
  • Peter Crain: Cooley LLP (Finance/Operations Committee)
  • Kevin Deans: KFA Private Wealth Group (Finance/Operations Committee)
  • Kymberlee Dwinell: Northrop Grumman
  • Leslie Ferry: Earth Networks (Communications Commmittee)
  • Michael Frey: Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, Sully District Representative
  • Monique Gaskins, National Life Group (Events/Fundraising Committee)
  • Kristie Hayes, College Student (Teen Support Committee)
  • Julianne Holmblad: George Mason University student (Member of Teen Support Committee)
  • Lenore Hamm:(Teen Support Committee)
  • Bill Hoover: American Systems
  • Ben Ingham: Northrop Grumman (Communications Committee)
  • Robyn James:1757 Reston Golf Course (Events/Fundraising Committee)
  • JD Kathuria: WashingtonExec
  • Renee Bouchard Kaiser: Russell, Evans & Thompson (Events/Fundraising Commmittee)
  • Jay Liwanag: Noblis
  • Alison McKnight:(Events/Fundraising Committee)
  • Darren McKnight: Integrity Applications, Inc. (Events/Fundraising Committee)
  • Jessica Mummert: (Events/Fundraising Committee)
  • Lisa Nicholls: Tira! Strategies Communications Committee)
  • Delegate Ken Plum: 36th District, Virginia General Assembly
  • Gina Poindexter:(Teen Support Committee)
  • Rich/Gina Raley, Parents of Thyroid Cancer Survivor:(Teen Support Committee)
  • Vanessa Runnells, Thyroid Cancer Survivor:(Communications Committee)
  • Delegate Tom Rust: 86th District, Virginia General Assembly
  • Holly Senn, Oncology Nurse, INOVA Fairfax
  • Lesa Short: Thyroid Cancer Survivor
  • Colleen Gillis Snow: Cooley LLP
  • Jen Sterling: Red Thinking
  • Lauri Swift, Dulles Chamber:(Teen Support Committee)
  • Betsy Valentino, Fast Signs:(Teen Support Committee)
  • Debijo Wheatley, Designs by DebiJo(Communications Committee)
  • Jean White
  • LJ White:(Events/Fundraising Committee)
  • Pat Wirth, Rock Star Solutions:(Communications Committee)
  • Laura Youngs, Metters, Inc.:(Events/Fundraising Committee)