Bite Me Cancer’s new visual story

Brand New

March 30, 2016

By Bite Me Cancer

Since launching in 2010, Bite Me Cancer has grown from being a group of family and friends into a network of supporters and partners. We’ve become a player nationally on the teen cancer support stage. We have garnered more volunteers, distributed more bags to more hospitals, gained new sponsors and opened a dedicated office.

We’ve transformed.

In order to complement this transformation, we embarked upon a thorough, six-month process to re-envision the Bite Me Cancer visual identity. We wanted to answer the question: what’s our brand? We looked back to our roots and also thought of where we want to go.

Brand Vision

We’re spirited, yet strategic.

We’re determined, yet open.

We’re friendly, yet focused.

We are Bite Me Cancer.

We took this vision and crafted a new visual language that emphasizes clean lines, bright colors and readable type. Green is our new primary color. We complement this with teal and purple. You’ll also notice something else new: our logo.


The new logo captures the spirit of Bite Me Cancer and positions us for future growth. The clear typography and strong exclamation point helps convey that message. The green itself was a choice made after careful thought. We studied colors and found that green represents life, renewal, harmony, balance, growth and energy: traits we believe are representative of the Bite Me Cancer mission.

As you probably also noticed, we launched a new website. Optimized for user experience and the new branding, the website is an accomplishment for our organization and a solid step forward for us as we continue inspiring, educating and funding research.

We look forward to carrying this fresh new brand across all of our efforts and invite you to wear it proudly with us.