Attitude is everything.

We raise spirits, hearts and funds for teen cancer patients and thyroid cancer research.

Bite Me Cancer is a nonprofit foundation in Fairfax County, Virginia, founded in September 2010 by Nikki Ferraro, five months after she was diagnosed with a rare form of Thyroid Cancer at 17 years old. Bite Me Cancer focuses on supporting teenagers in their battles against all cancers and raising research funds and awareness for the fastest growing cancer in the United States in males and females, Thyroid Cancer.

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Bite Me Cancer for a Lifetime
Reston Lifetime Athletic
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Teen Support Programs

Our Teen Support Bag program and Virginia Teen Cancer Awareness Week provide inspiration and support for teenagers with cancer.

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Thyroid Cancer Awareness

We increase awareness of Thyroid Cancer through education and outreach.

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Thyroid Cancer Research Grants

We fund Thyroid Cancer research grants at renowned hospitals to help find a cure.

Learn about our Thyroid Cancer research grants >>